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A delicious hidden gem that I finally got down to visiting after @rinns recommendation, Uncle Ho Tuckshop located inside a commercial building offers some kickass Vietnamese noodles (psst maybe even one of the best in Singapore imho).

Having their signature and the very dish made famous when Anthony Bourdain gave Barack Obama a crash course on Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi, their Buncha Lunch Value Set Meal which includes a drink ($14.90) was simply delightful and amazingly appetising.

Served with a sweet tangy broth with a mixture of grilled pork belly and grilled meatball, the Buncha is to be eaten like a Vietnamese Soba, adding condiments in to enhance the flavours and dipping the rice vermicelli into the soup. And of course in true Vietnamese style, a side of fresh greens and herbs to introduce different textures and taste to the bowl.

Though a tad astringent with its base flavour being pickled vegetables, the sourish elements really supplement and amp up the broth. Won’t recommend drinking it as a soup but man it is super shiok - a balanced and harmonious blend. But the highlight for me was certainly the thin slices of pork that reminded me of bacon at first bite and the well-seasoned grilled meatballs. Slurps. Their iced lemongrass-pandan was two thumbs-up, too.