Priced at S$13.90 for a Medium portion, I liked how the Otoko Mazesoba was made to please. Although they stated that the Ramen was truffle-flavoured, the smell of chemicals was not overpowering at all. In fact, coupling the noodles with some of their Aburi Charshu in cubes was quite a good move for that torch blown smoky taste amidst the onsen egg.

Another way to uplift the overall fragrance was to garnish another one tablespoon of fried garlic that was provided by the side. And if some degree of sweetness would be appreciated, add on some butter corn for just $2.00 more, and it might be better off than spending the money on a Large size. Afraid of too small a portion? Hard boiled eggs are complimentary, just in case if you are not familiar with Ramen shops culture.

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