All that nasty artificial flavourings and colourings in regular gelatos and ice creams are thrown out of the window as Alfero Gelato uses only 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality and in the Allulose series, the team has went over and beyond by substituting sugar with allulose, an ingredient that tastes and performs like sugar but with a tenth of the calories and without the cavity-causing and insulin-spiking drawbacks. Coupled with the fact that Alfero Gelato is 96% fat free and made with free range fresh milk, those on strict diets can still indulge in it without worry.

Out of the seven Allulose series, four of them are made with Alfero Gelato’s best selling flavours such as the Pistachio ($20), Bacio ($20), Dark Chocolate ($2) and Mango Sorbet ($18). Besides purchasing them from their retail outlet in Parkway Parade, you can also get them via their online store (link below) and there is a 20% off storewide for online purchases from now till 30 June when you use the promo code at checkout. Additionally, you are entitled to free delivery if you spend above $75 or a delivery fee applies for orders below that amount.
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