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BUNDT has a price list published somewhere but their daily offerings change every day they don’t bother printing or posting it up, and honestly I’m not even mad. I don’t know how much most of the stuff costs (it’s kinda pricey), but it’s worth it.

Got our paws on the banana muffin today with crunchy oat. This was the Nutella variant, which was arguably the best out of the three (there were espresso and walnut options too). What made it extra awesome was that this muffin cake fresh out of the oven and we devoured it while it was still warm! So good! It was moist and soft, with lots of gooey Nutella and chunks of banana. The crunchy oat bits actually dropped off with some handling, but we just picked them right off and ate them right up. Not too sweet, and just super super tasty. Would totally make another trip down for muffins!