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Stumbled upon reviews of @bbsizzling and this signature cornflake chicken caught my eye. For a massive piece of chicken cutlet priced affordably below $10, I just had to check it out.

Easily larger than my palm, the insane crispiness of the chicken cutlet batter was further enhanced by the crunchy cornflakes added to the crust. However, it got a little too hard for biting and we were a little concerned for those with weaker teeth. Nevertheless, the flavour of the batter was actually quite tasty, which explains why their fries were so addictive since the same batter was used for both chicken and fries. This was only made possible after rounds and rounds of R&D trials.

While the marination seemed one-dimensional, we were greeted by glistening, juicy yet firm chicken thigh wrapped within. Served on the side were some vegetables and mentaiko fries. Crispy airy batter with soft moist potato filling, dipped into a tangy mayonnaise-like sauce, accompanied by beads of pinkish fish roe. Subtle hint of spices in the seasoning was a wonderful contrast to the burst of umami.

Other popular options for mains were air-flown Australia Sirloin Beef and Mixed Grill. There’s also a Mala pasta with breaded chicken. Customise your dish by first deciding on a main, pair it with carbs such as fries, olive rice or pasta and finishing it with black pepper or mushroom sauce.