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I loved their Off The Bone on my first visit, but when the big boss said to try the Salami & Potatoes which is his new favourite...I did, and it’s now my new favourite too. I’m going to skip on describing the texture of the galette cause I’ve raved about it so much I don’t wanna bore you, so onto the fillings. I loved how balanced and earthy this combination was: you’ve got the soft and naturally sweet roasted potatoes, stuffed with brie and a perfectly oozy egg, then topped with slices of crispy, toasted salami carefully folded in a rosette 🥰 It’s great cause the salami + brie combo’s definitely not as salty as the ham + gruyere + cheddar one — not that the latter’s too salty it’s still super delish — so the earthiness of those roasted potatoes really get a chance to shine. And of course we all know how well rich runny yolks go with potatoes 😉