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The long snaking queue formed beside this stall caught our attention but it moved rather quickly. Probably because there were a few helpers at the stall.

Chose the usual suspects of my plate of curry rice; cabbage, pork chop and something new, celery with tau kee (bean curd skin). While the 2 vegetable dishes were quite flavorful, diners gotta be prepared that the pork chop here isn’t like what’s served usually, the crispy battered ones. This pork chop has no breaded batter, although it still has a chewy texture. But personally I wouldn’t have it again, as I felt like without the batter, the pork chop lacks of an aroma, as well as an additional crispiness. The curry tended to the sweet, milky side.

Wouldn’t mind trying out other dishes here the next time as they have quite a variety of dishes.