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Once I took a bite of this bread, it immediately topped my list of favourites from Nayuki. I know what I’m getting the next time I visit for sure.

I can’t get over how impeccably soft this bread is, plus the combination of taro paste and cheese? Who would’ve thought it’d be any good? But it’s actually amazing. I love the pretty swirls of taro in the pillowy soft bread. The slightly sweet taro is what greets you first when you bite into the bread, and while you’re savouring the smooth paste, the chunks of cheese creep up on you and add an extra depth to the taste profile with subtle savoury cheesiness. This loaf of bread brought tons of happiness and satisfaction. Might be considered somewhat expensive - it’s sliced into 4 pieces by default at the bread bar, but I’d buy this in a heartbeat for the pure joy I get from eating delicious bread!

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