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So, every now and then I get a craving for beef, and ordering it from a cheap western store just doesn't cut it. The ambiance of the place also plays a big part when I'm in such a mood. Fat Belly has a pretty laid back and cosy feel to the place. Always enjoyed being able to see how my food is prepared, so the bar counter seats right in front of the grille was great.

Decided to try two cuts which were totally unfamiliar - their popular and highly recommended onglet (bottom right) and the rump cap (top left). Both cooked to medium. Those familiar with prime rib roast just need to think "even more tender! more succulent! more flavourful!", and you can get pretty close to what the onglet is like. The slight fat on the rump cap gave it an entirely different dimension from your typical rump, providing an extra burst of flavour.

Did someone say cheesecake and not too boring please? You would probably find the basque burnt cheesecake right up your alley, especially since Fat Belly has somehow managed to get the edges burnt, yet kept the inside soft, and even had part of it still oozy. Wow.

Definitely a place to consider for date nights.