This Chinese dessert place is really hands down one of the best I can find in SG :-)

Their pastes are rly da BOMBZ (this peanut paste really feels like thick freshly grinded peanuts) look at that AMAZING consistency?!

And their chendol shaved ice is much better than bingsu (REALLY). Demolished it in no time hoho! Can really taste ur chendol in that shaved ice - not even kidding!!! Imagine chendol but x10 better (not the usual diluted shaved ice you get disappointed with... truly thick & would satisfy your stomach I promise) I am really a fan & loyal customer 😌🙌🏻 (their black sesame is really good as well) SUPER HOMELY DESSERTS I give 10/10 anyday anytime 🈵🈵🈵

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