YO this dish was so spicy it sent our stomachs churning for hours after it. I loved it though, it was meaty while still very crispy on the outside - while most other places LZJ almost always just feel like a crunchy meatless snack. But it was clearly too spicy for my other pals.

No comment on the MLXG as we ordered the xiao la to accomodate our friend whose spice threshold is non-existent - it got him perspiring in the air-conditioned place while the rest of us just couldn't get the mala kick. BUT the meats were stir-fried super nicely (slightly charred) and it was so good!!!

New and relatively quiet on a Friday night.
We were surprised by a $6/side (UP ~$14) dish promo so we didn't hold back at all. Worth itttttt