Been meaning to try this dish at the famous YY Kafei Dian for sometime. On Sat, while passing the restaurant, I saw no queue and plenty of empty tables at 11.40am. This is not good. I quickly went in and placed my order for a serving of their famous Claypot Yee Mee.

The noodles came within 10 mins, piping hot and exuding fragrance of soya sauce. For those who dislike Yee Mee, most would claim they are either chewy or soggy, there is a rubbery taste, taste of rancid oil used to fry the noodles. I assure you over here at YY, you won’t find any of the above.

The noodles are cooked just nice, not chewy, not rubbery and far from soggy. The balance of taste with fish cakes providing saltiness, Chinese cabbage providing sweetness and a whole egg poached in the sauce of the Yee Mee (if you like your egg runny, you should stir it when the dish arrives).

Throughout the meal I kept looking around hoping the tables will fill up soon. I was worried the COVID lockdowns will claim another victim. My fears were unfounded because by 12.30pm, the place was full. Must be the morning showers.

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