MUSHROOM CREAM SOUP: Big bowl of flavorful soup; not too creamy; mushroom rich taste; with 1 half-slice of crispy and fluffy toast..
SEAFOOD AGLIO OLIO: Linguine tossed with squid, scallop and fresh prawn; flavorful and not spicy; linguine a little hard when chewing; otherwise a well-executed dish..
6NATURE WINGS: 6 pieces of fried mid-wings tossed with soy sauce and cashew nuts; meat is tender and skin is crispy; sauce is honey-thick, sweet but not salty; love the sauce so much that the mayo + tinge of lemon sauce at the side was forgotten; good for sharing the calories..
6-LETTER BRUNCH: Rosti with sunny side up; mushroom, 2 big piece of smoked salmon; few pieces of fresh fruits with garden salad; rosti is big, thick and slight crisp outside; appetising with the fruits at the side; plus point for the lemon which add refreshing taste to the dish..
MATCHA LATTE: Finally saw a different latte art on the drink!!!! A cute totoro sat on top of the green tea latte in a matching green cup; green tea taste > milk; except that it tastes sweet..
HAZELNUT LATTE: Rose latte art at the top; coffee taste > milk; mild hazelnut taste; my coffee buddy like it..
Overall a very satisfied and super filling meal in a small cosy cafe; quality and quantity meal; affordable especially for the students around the vicinity; no GST & service charge; more affordable with the use of chope voucher or 1-for-1 on burpple beyond; service is good; will be back to try other dishes..
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