Warning: this is not where to come if you are the health-conscious sort because (and I speak only for the roasted meats because those are what I had this afternoon) the fat and salt in them proteins are loud and proud! But that is also precisely why I find the food here so damn tasty 😋😋

From the gorgeous mahogany-coloured Roasted Duck (it’s really juicy) to the black-ish Char Siew (not exactly melt-in-the-mouth but nice and moist) to the salty-of-crackling Sio Bak (packs a powerful crunchiness and is super juicy), there’s no doubt the meats at “Nan Xiang Chicken Rice” have all been seasoned and marinated with a no-holds-barred attitude. Clearly, big flavours is their number one priority, and I love that! The stall’s chilli and ginger sauces also hit the mark - I could not resist splashing them over my rice.

You should be able to find “Nan Xiang Chicken Rice” easily as it is located at a corner coffeeshop next to the Caltex petrol station on Tanjong Katong Road. And for as long as it is open (they ‪start at 9am‬ everyday except for Tuesdays which is their day off), there seems to always be a line of customers out in front. I am sure this scene has not changed much in the last five decades they have been for business.

On my next visit, I plan to try the chicken rice because I got a DM on Instagram from @terenceongwh (who happens to be a regular there) that theirs is very good.