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5th Quarter is the latest, exciting concept by The Unlisted Collection and chef Andrew Nocote (previously from SKIRT), and is certainly a spot to bookmark. Set in the first floor of boutique Hotel Vagabond along Syed Alwi, the dining room's heavy use of red and velvet might put you off. Don't let it. Allow their knowledgable, warm staff to take you through the unique and difficult-to-define menu, which focuses on traditional techniques such as salting, curing, brining and grilling. Leave all preconceptions at the door — almost nothing you get will be what you expect! Start with the Lardo with Truffle Honey and Chili ($8), cured ribbons of fatback drizzled in truffle honey and finished with chilli bits for hits of spice. You won't be able to stop munching on the Salt 'n' Pepper Fried Tripe ($10), it is crispy, chewy and salty, perfect for washing down with beer. The Short Rib ($36) with grilled carrot and pomegranate cream (what!) packs a punch of flavour and will leave you wanting more, while the rum-cured Pork Belly with Melon and Onion ($12) is truly immaculate. The desserts are a truly inspired spread, of which you should try all. This meal is an adventure best shared by four — set a date for your next celebration!