A mouthful to order given its long name, the Special Truffles Dashi Maki Tamago with Crab Japanese Sauce may be an item that probably makes less sense in English given how broken the name sounds, but certainly worth the order here.

Liked how one could feel the layered Tamago here; a rarity given how most Tamago usually have a more fluffy and spongy texture less the layering — speaks well of its execution. The infusion of truffle helps to give the Tamago a slight earthiness; not overwhelming like those of truffle fries, but just a whiff to provide a slight contrast to provide another dimension of flavours subtly. Drenched with the "Crab Japanese Sauce", the sauce carried its own sweetness and is pretty umami on its own, and pairs well with the Tamago, with bits of crab meat to chew on for added texture and flavour. A great side to order to share across the table; something which we could not get enough of.