Checked out the new Kulon over the previous weekend; a new Muslim-run establishment run by the same folks behind of the now-defunct Indo Java. Situated along Bali Lane, Kulon serves up Indonesian Bakmi, alongside rice dishes (think Nasi Ayam Geprek) and burgers in their menu here.

The Bakmi Spesial is essentially seasoned Indonesian-style dry noodles, served with braised sweet soy sauce chicken, Bakso beef balls and blanched bak choy. It’s the first time I am actually having Bakmi (yes, I know), but this was something I would certainly not mind having again — the noodles are akin to that of Chinese U-Mian 悠面, tossed in a savoury yet sweet sauce that gives it plenty of flavour; the noodles carrying a good bite as well in terms of texture. The minced chicken bits helped to further enhance those notes, whilst giving a meaty bite to the bowl considering how it laced around the strands of noodles — all that without being too dry, while the Bakso beef balls gave a substantial bite and some chew without being particularly gamey.

Given how Kulon is just a 17-seater establishment, this is very a much an eat-and-go spot despite its slightly cafe-esque setting considering how the food was served fast and also how the queue was forming up pretty quickly when we were there. That being said, it’s a pretty decent choice to consider if dining in the area, considering how it’s definitely a refreshing change over the various cafes which are operating within the Kampong Glam neighbourhood.