It was my mom's birthday so we got a free bottle of wine and this beautiful heart-shaped sushi cake!! Made with slices of fresh sashimi and avocado, topped with a scoop of ikura <3

I loved my experience here. The highlight was definitely the sashimi, which tasted extremely delicious and fresh. The slices were chunky, thick and generous. Even the slices on the cake were huge and everyone had a lot of fun deconstructing the cake and making our own sushi with our preferred portion of fish to rice.

Some of my other favorite items were the grilled pork belly, stir-fried mushroom with onsen egg, chuka wakame and homemade sesame tofu (very unique grainy mouthfeel and texture I've never had before).

The service was efficient with free-flow drinks and the cutest robot waiters I've ever seen!! Highly recommended for celebrating or just having a fun night out with good food :) totally worth the price ^^


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