First off, the koshihikari rice was abit dry. I'd think it should have had more water because the sushi rice had good texture for the previous courses, it's weird that suddenly the rice isn't good

And the sukiyaki sauce was mild, rightfully but yonezawa beef has this very unique texture in that it is tender with a bit of stickiness as you chew, and not a lot of flavour really. So this thing didn't really taste like much. Not sure what could have saved it, maybe cook the beef abit more or sth. It's better when you mix everything in and it tastes like a proper sukiyaki but still it's not that satisfying.

The pickled radish was great though, and the egg was of impeccable quality, the yolk was so rich

Better come here expecting to get a unique beef in mild sukiyaki, instead of a very good but less atas? sukiyaki

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