The gelato here was smooth, sticky and creamy, I thought it was really good. One of our scoops was slightly melted when they scooped it for us though, I think they just scraped and gave us the top part of the tub.

Bailey’s Brownie was great, I loved the cream base infused with Baileys, and the brownies were yummy. If you like cookies & cream types of ice cream, this would probably be your jam. There’re other limited edition Baileys flavours as part of the collaboration with Baileys, so you might want to head down to try them out before they’re gone.

The Apiary was probably my favorite flavour out of the two. No wonder it is their signature flavour and the best-seller! The wildflower honey ice cream base was divine, went really well with the French nougats. I would recommend trying this out when you’re here.

Initially, they served us one wrong ice cream flavour. When we informed them of this error, they threw away our entire cup of 2 scoops of perfect yummy ice cream 🥺🥺🥺 and gave us another 2 scoops. Didn’t really understand this as the scoop of Apiary was fine and was what we ordered. I guess they didn’t want to let us end up with 4 scoops but seeing them dump 2 complete scoops of ice cream was a little bit heartbreaking.

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