This place should be able to lay claim on widest range of coffee beans in Singapore. From Africa to Asia, from Middle East Arabica to Columbian, they have it all. And just when you think that’s a lot, they also have blends. Lots of them.

For $10, you get a big brass pot of coffee, freshly brewed. The coffee is served with whipped cream, very European. So coffee lovers, please go and knock yourselves out. I guarantee you will not regret.

But the food they serve, not so great, whether it’s taste or value for money. We order a set (main + coffee + dessert $49) and a Club Sandwich ($28). For the main the set, we chose the barramundi fillet. Comes with falafel and large cherry tomatoes. Suffice to say the tomatoes were the highlight of this dish.

The club sandwich had chicken, beef bacon, fried egg, gherkins, raisins, onion, cheddar cheese and confit in it. A conundrum of competing flavours coming from each of these items. At the end, it was just overload.

We only had one strawberry tart but we liked it. So in conclusion, stick to coffee and their pastries. Can’t go wrong.

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