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Our first experience at "Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen" was a spontaneous thing as we were invited to join a group when one of their friends dropped out at the last minute.
"Lucky House" is literally, Chef Sam Wong and his wife Lee's own home, and he does all the cooking while she helps with everything else.
The back section of their building, right next to the open kitchen, is carved out for guests to dine in. There are two spaces to accommodate different groups in one night. Right behind the spacious kitchen where he has a row of soup pots on charcoal-burners, a stone mill for grinding ingredients like almond and walnut pastes and a charcoal grill, Chef keeps a garden where he grows vegetables and herbs for his own use.
His signatures are the Roast Duck and "Concubine Chicken". So depending on the size of the group (minimum: 6, maximum to be seated together: 14), the menu will change but you should get those two dishes. Price is a flat rate of $80 per person and you'll need to have at least 8 guests to have the double-boiled soup included. The remaining dishes are left to his discretion on what ingredients he gets during that time.
Here's what Chef Sam Wong cooked for us, course by course, when we visited last night:
- Double-boiled Duck Soup with the odd parts of the bird, red beans, mushrooms and dried seafood - there's concentrated goodness in every slurp because he started cooking it from 10am.
- "Toi Shan" Salad composed of long beans, "tau kwa", peanuts and "chye por" (chef carried this back all the way from China).
- Prawns stirfried with 53% alcohol "Mao Tai" wine - so you get the sweet, the smoky and and the lethal all at once.
- Giant Red Emperor Snapper steamed with a stuffing of pandan leaves plucked on the spot from his own garden.
- "The Concubine Chicken" - beguiling in moist tenderness, this was best eaten with steaming hot white rice splashed with the chicken juices.
- Crayfish Omelette - what a brilliant idea. Those bouncy, fresh chunks of succulent crayfish were even more amazing with fluffy eggs.
- Charcoal Roasted Duck. A signature creation that requires 2 days of marination and 1 day of sunning before it's ready for the fire. The flavours reach down to the bone, so you can understand why friends were fighting over who got to take those home to make stock! 😆.
- Steamed Organic Brinjals with crispy garlic - I watched him harvest them on the spot from his back garden! Such a simple but "wow-thy" dish.

Thank you @beesnet asking us to join you and your friends for the wonderful meal. Had such a great time I have already confirmed my next two visits!