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9 exclusive dishes specially prepared by 9 pairs of collaborations between Timbre+ chefs and young, new-generation hawkerpreneurs is happening now at Open Stove, Timbre+ till 30 July 2017, 11pm.
Featuring this is the Coconut Cream Prawn Croquette Sandwich with Laksa Cheese created by Wing Lam from The World is Flat and Gwern Khoo from A Noodle Story.
Other collaboration dishes includes:
▪️Hokkien Mee, French Bouillabaisse Broth Style & Fresh Seafood
▪️Vietnamese Pork Chop Fragrant Rice with Hainanese Curry
▪️Umai Don 美味い丼
▪️Beauty Noodles美人面
▪️Crispy Skin Braised Duck Burger
▪️Street Burger
▪️Crispy Spinach Noodles in Prawn Bisque
▪️The Wonderfull Beef Rendang Burrito Bowl
For more information, you can go to https://timbreplus.sg/openstoves/
Location: Timbre+ 73A Ayer Rajar Crescent, Singapore 139957
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