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Jeremmy has teamed up with 3 special friends to bring us some special supper dishes. Coming up on 9-11 May, you’ll get to taste Jeremmy’s famous Hokkien Mee and his 16h braised beef cheek in dumpling form, alongside @sameernoog ex-Fat Lulu #noburnnotaste platter and vegetable chips. The platter comprises previous Fat Lulu’s favourite, the Iberico Pork Sataytay; chicken wings, grilled slow and low; and Sam’s Phu Quoc Pork Ribs, inspired by the surprise obsession he developed after tasting the ribs at a street food stall in Vietnam. And chicken wings! Boy do I love a balanced diet of meats, seafood and some veggies! Hurry grab your seat at https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/le-binchotan-supper-special-2019-tickets-59939161646! #jeremmyandfriends