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I had no idea South Union Park makes every part of their burger in-house, yes, even the buns! This was something I learned over a conversation I had with Chef Terence after the dinner crowd had cleared last Sunday. He shared with us the great lengths he and his team had gone through to in order to create their ideal cheeseburger. There were even photos on his phone showing how they did side-by-side comparisons of different formulations for their beef patty.
Well, I really appreciated all the effort they put in because their cheeseburger was one of the more memorable ones I've eaten.
As big as the Whopper from Burger King, there is nothing superfluous about it, just basics done very well.
So there I was, sinking my teeth into light, pillowy buns that'd been toasted and buttered, and a really juicy, thick beef patty. To be honest, I've always been quite picky about the texture of patties but theirs suited me well - the ground meat wasn't bound too tightly or loose. The only other additions in the burger were melted aged cheddar and raspberry vinegar-cooked onions. Loved how the latter brought a subtle acidity that helped to cut the richness. Ditto the lightly-dressed lettuce served on the side.