If you never had Jiro Style Ramen before, I can tell you that this is not for everyone. I would describe it as tonkotsu on steroids; everything is rougher, chunkier and richer. If you love a hardcore intense flavour, then you will definitely love this.

The Megamen ($13.90) at @brosramen is the Jiro Style ramen and I must say, it taste almost exactly like what I had in Japan. The soup itself is extremely thick, rich and creamy and would definitely be too salty for most people, but to me it just shouts flavour. You can really taste the soya sauce and the pork broth here. The noodles are much thicker than usual, hence it has a good bite to it which I loved. You might notice that the ramen toppings are quite unusual, but that is how it is supposed to be! It is topped with a generous amount of bean sprouts to cut the fat flavour, and a huge amount of garlic and pork fat to intensify the flavour more. The cha shu may be a chunky piece, but it was so tender and marinated well.

That said, if you prefer a lighter tasting ramen, then this is really not for you!

I believe most of their ramen are saltier than your usual ramen chains to suit the Japanese palette, and that is why I saw so many Japanese people having a regular meal there. Definitely an authentic experience, as I felt like I was transported back to Japan. Absolutely splendid and I can't wait to try their other bowls.

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