Lee Wee & Brothers has teamed up with Quorn, to launch their new halal, meat-free Nasi Lemak Kosong & Otah Kosong. Both newly-launched products are made from mycoprotein, a nutritious fungus that is rich in fiber and low in saturated fat. Yes, this means they’re vegan friendly!

Each Nasi Lemak Kosong set consists of coconut rice, 2pcs of meat-free chicken bites, meat-free luncheon meat, meat-free otah (otah kosong), cucumber, peanuts and meat-free sambal chilli! It was surprisingly enjoyable! I felt the meat-free luncheon meat and otah kosong tasted closest to the real thing, and the meat-free sambal chilli was really shiok! I would say this is a good option for flexitarians venturing into meat-free alternatives and for ‘carnivores’ like myself, it’s worth trying once in awhile.

PROMO: From now till 7 June 2022, each Nasi Lemak Kosong set is selling at $6.50 (U.P. $7.20), while the Otah Kosong is selling at $1 per stick. Available at all Lee Wee & Brothers outlets!