Who agrees that giving gives you more joy than receiving? The spirit of love and giving transcends communities and festivals. So I decided to check out a social enterprise F&B this time - Crossings Cafe. Set up by the Roman Catholic Church, ALL its profits go to charity.

They employ disadvantaged personnel so as to give them a viable career path. As part of their vision, it partners with Assumption Pathlight School and Bettr Barista to offer their students and graduates such opportunities.

One of their bestsellers, you’ll get a generous serving of sweet, barely spicy and eggy chilli crab sauce poured over a bed of spaghetti. It’s then topped with a whole deep fried soft shell crab. Pasta was cooked al dente and this dish wasn’t too cloying (jelak). The portion is pretty big and it can sure fill up your stomach quite fast.

Do go down and have a meal. The fare may be very simple. But hey, it’s all for a good cause. 💜