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For real tho, this was a solid steal, after the discount it was merely $8 with no service and gst charge (if I recall correctly). Was fairly sceptical initially as Le Coq is located in the nest of degen city, where CBD warriors waste away their long days with alcohol. How can a bar type bistro serve up good food?? Quite so pleasantly surprised, chicken was tender and delicious, skin is crispy and not overtly glazed up with oil. The quinoa substituting mainstream chicken rice was a welcome addition and them tamagoes completed this meal in its entirety. This was pretty damn filling, and I was certainly satisfied especially considering the price point I was paying. For sure I’m coming back, one of those places that doesn’t skimp on their ingredients just because they’re on Burpple Beyond so I can respect that.

Taste: 8
Satisfaction of meat: 8
Value: 10
Overall: 9