Abit disappointed cos we thought we're getting different cuts but all 3 were from the shoulder. It's called rare because there literally isn't much of it on the cow, not because it's rarely served. Taste was ok, it's average A4.

Tokusen Mori:
Forgot to take pic of tokusen Mori but please please please ask them what's the cut of the day before ordering. It's not very satisfying at all, we had 2 good pieces I think and we even got MOMO(thigh) which wasn't very good at all

This place isn't top tier, let's be clear about that. It satisfies yakiniku cravings but really have to adjust expectations. When the first person came in the charcoal came(could be because they timed our reservation), and so we sat around the heat for a good 20mins before the first meat was ordered and served. And maybe because it was burning away aimlessly for so long, but when we grilled the meat the heat wasn't nearly hot enough. There isn't as much sear as I expect.
Also, they're pretty handwavy about explanations of cuts of meat. Little effort, some of them don't know what's going on, and those that do just say the name in Japanese without explaining further. Either they somehow found out I spoke Japanese or they just anyhow mention to all diners(after prompting no less)

They're nice people though, bringing paper towels for us after we came through the rain

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