Regret to share our unpleasant experience during our visit to Open Community Farm, Minden Road, Singapore on 15th Aug, 2020.

We ( me and my boyfriend) had visited Open Community Farm for lunch last Saturday.  Once given a seat we requested for 2 cups of hot water while settling on the menu. We were wearing our masks ON all the time.
Once they served the water, my boyfriend removed mask to drink the water. Mr. Alex Restaurant Supervisor immediately showed up and gave us some rude instructions to keep the mask on while drinking the water.
 It sounded a bit strange, so we checked how we can drink the water with a mask on. He replied that whenever we take a sip we need to pull down the mask and sip the water and immediately put back the mask.
This sounded totally funny and strange. He added these are instructions from MOH Singapore.
Well, we complied to his instructions as law is meant NOT to be violated.
But we could see that people in at least 3 tables around us were not wearing masks but having their drinks (no food on the table).  So, my boyfriend pointed out to Mr. Alex that why the pax in those tables were not wearing masks.   He added the laws are  to be complied by everyone. Somehow, he got offended and he yelled at us to get out of the restaurant.
We were literally shocked by his goofy and bully behaviour. We must say that this experience was the rudest and unpleasant experience from any service industry we have come across the world...
We have taken a few photos on the tables where people with their drink but not the masks on. We don t want to post it here as we respect their privacy.
Later we checked with MOH on the phone and they conveyed that there is no such rule to keep the mask on while drinking the water. So, there was no such rule, it was just that Mr. Alex decided to show some ra**st bullying act here to my boyfriend.
Well, no more visits to Open Community Farm.