I don’t get to use #burpplebeyond often, so when anyone passes me the chance to use it imma grab at it. Onkei is one of the approximately SIX HUNDRED (bruuuhhh) restaurants that are in cahoots with @burpple Beyond, and it’s your typical Japanese katsu merchant.⠀

Fry ups are always nice, and @onkeitonkatsu is no exception. Sure, their tori (chicken) katsu is a little too greasy as the skin on the chicken fillet wasn’t cooked before getting coated in panko breadcrumbs, and the fat under it was still there. Aside from that, the chicken was superbly seasoned, and the crust was thin & deep fried to a beautiful brown colour. The pork katsu option fared slightly better despite being dry in spots.⠀

The Burpple Beyond set included a hefty fried prawn with your choice of chicken, pork, or fish katsu, and the prawns were acceptably fresh & deep fried to perfection. In addition to the surf & turf (or surf & surf if you pick the fish) main, a side dish of a duo of fried oysters & a pair karaage chicken pieces were generously thrown in with an endless supply of rice, shredded cabbage & tonjiru (a pork & veggie miso soup).⠀

For $39.90++ for this fabulous fry up affair, it’s a decent bargain. Normally a meal for two like this would set you back by at least sixty bucks, but with the magic of Burpple Beyond, you save a fair bit of moolah to spend on more alcohol. Now that’s what I call winning!