Sweltering heat in Singapore. Can't travel overseas to Bangkok chatuchak. Can only satisfy coconut ice cream cravings at Co Nut Ink.

🌴Famous original coconut shake: this was real thirst quenching after a morning hike in sentosa. A scoop of coconut ice cream is blended into this shake. But I can't help but wonder why is my cup not full ah!! Haha isit because I used Klook vouchers for the purchase (Klook price is $5. Price in store is $6) 🤔

🌴Classic signature coconut ice cream with roastes peanuts (comes with a cup of coconut water) ($6 in store. $4.69 on Klook):I thought the coconut ice cream was kinda too icy texture. I would rather prefer a smooth velvety texture coconut ice cream! Also, the peanuts given were crushed shavings peanuts instead of whole peanuts (as illustrated in their photo!!) 😔

All in all, still a decent coconut ice cream treats since we can't get to Bangkok anytime soon! Remember to use Klook to purchase if you are buying it!

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