@thecommunalplace is back with a brand new menu that promotes sharing a meal and spending quality time with friends and family.

Here are some dishes that you can expect:
I was really surprised by how crisp the Beer-Battered Dory was (even after sitting out for awhile)! A great sides/appetiser to whet your appetite.

Tantalising golden gravy cascading down a pillowy mash mountain, with generous portions of octopus & Chorizo. I like how soft, tender and chewy the octopus was!

Seafood Broth cosisting of Dory, Prawn, Asari Clams, Octopus Leg and Ciabatta. While the broth was flavorful, it was slightly towards the saltier end. I personally feel that the seafood could be fresher too.

Porter House T-bone steak seasoned with a simple herb rub to accentuate the meaty flavours. I find it to be slightly overcooked as the meat was dry and tough.

The pasta was al-dente and well-coated with the miso cream sauce. However, the piece of Foie Gras topping the pasta was pretty overcooked, resulting it to be dry and tough. I also find the piece of foie gras to be rather small for the price tag😅.

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