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Visually unimpressive because it came piping hot and the Hokkaido fresh cream were all crazily melting in progress.

Still can’t compare to what I had in Japan but close enough - I really liked how fluffy and eggy it was! Incredibly light, we shared this (4 layers) but the mother and I agreed that we probably can finish a stack of 4 alone.

Everything is made upon order so it’s a rather long wait for this - we waited for almost half an hour - and finished it within 10 mins. 😂

It does look messy😅 but is it worth the try? :)
They’ve got those without the cream in between, will look better 😂 I rly love pancakes of any kind so I’m prob a bit biased. Will come back again if I’m in the area AND I have time to kill but I’m looking out for Riz-Labo in the meantime🤭