With 2016 coming to a close, now arise the question of finding the perfect venue to host a cosy family gathering and usher in the new year. So why not feast on an array of mouthwatering Chinese homecooked style food with a lavish spread of seafood as the centerpiece?!

Set over a bed of hot sauna stones, Diamond Kitchen’s Diamond Sauna Treasures ($188++/$368++) is the bomb! Filled with Boston lobster, plump prawns, snow crab legs, scallops, black mussels, squid and flower clams; there is bound to be something for everyone. What’s more, the stones are not just used to create a dramatic steamy entrance but also maintains a nice warm bath for the premium ingredients with their secret stock poured all over. Just my kind of sauna! The treasure box was able to capture all the natural sweetness as well as moisture from the fresh gems too. Not forgetting to complement the seafood with their four distinct homemade dips (Hong Kong Steam Sauce, Garlic Chilli, Black Bean Chilli and their signature Gan Xian Sauce).

Despite the slightly inaccessible location, it is a place worth going back again and again for some comforting Chinese food. Available only at their Science Park Drive outlet, be sure to try this and other new dishes from now till 31st December 2016, to enjoy a 15% discount.