Ahoyyy! Come on board @oystercosg & @sushico.sg to get the best of both worlds and immerse your tastebuds in a gastronomic wonder!

Here’s what we tasted…
From @oystercosg,
👉Raw Oysters with lemons (6pcs)
👉Baked Oysters (4pcs)
Mentaiko Cheese, Salted Egg, Oyster Omelette, Vermicelli
👉Oyster Meesua

Oyster lovers, you can simply devour on these treasures of the sea without worrying about going broke! Low in calories and fat, their raw oysters were plump and fresh, just perfect with a squeeze of lemon. But if raw oyster is not your thing, fear not, you won’t regret ordering their Baked Oysters Taster Platter (1 of each flavour) at only SGD17.90. And not to forget, their oyster meesua was delicious too!

From @sushico.sg,
👉Salmon Don
👉Chuka Wakame
👉Gunkan Sushi

❗️To enquire/order, check out @oystercosg & @sushico.sg. Links to their website are on their bio.

💌Thanks Xuan for the arrangement and @oystercosg @sushico.sg for sending these over. Major oyster cravings SATISFIED!☺️

📍Oyster Co.
Central Mall
1 Magazine Road 01-06, S059567
🍽Dine Ins from 11AM - 10:30PM
🚚Islandwide Delivery from 11:30AM - 11PM
Closed on Tuesdays