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Brunch on a Monday to kick the blues away!
Dropped into Craft Bistro for their all-day breakfast. They've lunch menu and the pricing is very worthy, almost 50% off the original price for selected main course. A Grilled Cajun Chicken at $10 while usual is $18.
Back to my Egg Benedict. Well not a bacon fan but thought of giving bacon a chance again. I like the way the bacon is cooked. Not pan-fried till crunchy/dry. Both eggs were runny, toast is thick enough to absorb the runny yolks. The hollandaise sauce is very generous and was too much for me, had to scrap some off.
Ambience is ok, it will be nice if there's some music else it'll be too quiet if there's few diners at certain hours of the day.
Service can be improved, I was there at about 1145am and the lady barista spent a little too much attention on her mobile. Shall be it if it's work related matter.
Well, will be back to try their appetizer/mains with mentaiko sauce. Oh, and the cakes too.