Have been wanting to make my way down to Chū & Co ever since they had announced their opening on social media — opened by folks that were formerly from Micro Bakery + Kitchen, there already has been some talk around town about their stellar breads in hat are baked in-house.

Going for one of the open-faced toast from their all-day menu which is served up to 3pm, the Appenzeller Cheese Toast was something which I found a tad revolting when I first collected the order at the counter due to the pungent nature of cheese used here. That being said, getting past the strong smell of the cheese, the Appenzeller Cheese Toast was actually one of the most impressive cheese toasts I have had in recent times. Straying away from the usual grilled cheese sandwich shenanigans that most cafes attempt to serve up these days, the Appenzeller Cheese carries a strong, savoury note that actually is way more manageable than it smells, while the walnuts chopped walnuts add a earthy crunch that somewhat provides a slight nuttiness that compliments that cheesiness. I am assuming that the Pan De Mie is presumably the bread that is used for the Appenzeller Cheese Toast — liked how the bread is soft yet firm structurally; fluffy and light but being adequately dense with a very slight sweetness that compliments the intensity of the cheese here.

I liked how Chū & Co is a cafe that is unlike any other — tucked away in the private residential estate of Serangoon Gardens, the al-fresco dining area by the alley gives off a particularly neighbourhoodly vibe that is relaxed and casual despite being exposed to the elements. Having tried a number of items they have to offer, I must say that the residents around the area are a lucky bunch to have an indie bakery like them in their vicinity — well-executed breads made with love and passion for the craft, perfected over time with the heart of serving their patrons the very best. Dine-in does get a little tricky here during peak hours, but otherwise its a spot I would totally recommend — somewhere that we would most certainly revisit for their stellar breads and Flan Parisien again!