Located at B2 of Westgate, Suparakki Ramen is a popular spot for its more affordable than average ramen served in a casual environment. With a simple menu, diners can choose between soup-based ramen such as Tonkutsu or their only dry ramen - the truffle ramen.

The ramen came with black fungus, minced pork belly, seaweed, spring onions and also half of a ramen egg. The noodles were cooked to the perfect texture - chewy and al dente. While the meat was flavorful, I would have preferred less fatty cuts served but that is just a personal preference. The ramen egg was also rather well done. Although the yolk could have been more runny, the egg was thankfully not over cooked. As a contrasting texture, the crunchy black fungus mushrooms were a delightful addition to the dish but could be a bit bland if not mixed with the sauce.

We could smell the truffle oil from this dish when served but it wasn’t too strong after mixing the ingredients with the noodles. Not sure if it’s from the truffle oil or the sauce of the ramen but the taste of the noodles did remind me of Chinese-style braised mushrooms.

While it wasn’t extraordinary, this place is worth considering for its affordability and decent quality ramen. You can add on noodles and other sides too, especially if you’re hungry as the standard serving does run a bit small.

Note that you need to order your ramen before getting your seat and do look out for the number displayed near the kitchen as you do have to personally collect your ramen when it is ready. One can also take bottles of chili oil and chili powder available near the collection point to add some spice to the noodles. Food was also served really quickly as our order was prepared immediately after we ordered at the counter.

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