I don't know bout others but when I craving for dim sum at night, KTZ is quite a place for me to satisfy my tastebud. Shanghai Cheong Fun (上海腸粉) (RM4.05) is not that kind of traditional cheong fun, it serve with sweet sauce and sambal. Green Bean (綠豆沙) (RM3.60) is very strong in flavour and on point, but it might not available sometimes, depends on crowd. Loh Mai Kai (糯米雞) (RM4.80) is quite normal one for me. Tong Yuen (湯圓) (RM1.70 per pc) that filled with red bean, tasty one yet I prefer the ginger soup base can be cook longer so it can be spicier. Porridge (皮蛋瘦肉粥) (RM4.60) is cook with minced pork and preserved egg. It is very smooth in texture and delicious, seasoning just on point. Water chestnut (馬蹄粟米) (RM3.60) is one of my favourite here. It served with water chestnut and corn. Prefer to have it when it's still hot but they also serve in cold condition. Deep Fried Taufu (霸王炸豆腐) (RM6.40) crispy outside and soft inside. It taste better with chili sauce. Siew Mai (燒賣皇) (RM5.30) served with 3pcs per plate. It is quite hard to find siew mai that tight in texture but this one is really good, you can taste the flavour of prawn in every bite. Apparently all of their food is quite tasty. Although they expand their shop from stalls to shop but still it always full of crowd. Currently open daily from noon until 1am.