LoFi is one of the few ice-cream/gelato parlours that have been lesser mentioned on social media even when they had just opened their doors — located at Blk 108 Hougang Avenue 1, they are actually located pretty close to Hainanese Village Food Centre, and also serves up bar bites, hot food (such as a Mala Chicken Waffle, two Donburis and pizzas) apart from serving up gelatos in cups, cones or with waffle, brownie or croffle. Beverage options include specialty coffee, tea, non-caffeinated options like chocolate and even alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer — the former especially being a great option to enjoy with the Lo-Fi beats that they play in the background here. One will also be able to find the cafe being decked out in a Halloween theme during this season; faux cobwebs, skeletons and scary masks are being incorporated into the decor for the occasion, with a Pumpkin Gelato being made available as a seasonal special.

Hopping onto the bandwagon with Baker’s Brew Studio which has also released their series of Coriander-infused cakes, LoFi is probably the first gelato parlour to have introduced the Coriander Gelato locally (or at least the first one that I know of). Coriander haters might be wanna give this a miss — while the notes of Coriander here isn’t particularly strong for how the milkiness of the gelato base takes over after a few spoonfuls, it is needless to say that the “green” flavour profile of the vegetable is undeniably distinct in the first few mouthfuls, or even after a short break after the flavours die out around the taste buds. For one who doesn’t quite detest coriander, though not too big a fan of it, the Coriander Gelato here is something that will stir feelings — a flavour that is there for the novelty, though I will be sitting on the fence on whether I am likely to order such a flavour if it is in the display chiller of an ice-cream parlour that I am visiting again.

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