The apples were very soft and chewy and went well with the bursts of sweetness from the raisins. Only minor complain would be that I wished the crust was slightly crispier to make for a better pairing with the soft interior.
The #sachertorte is a must try #viennaspeciality. Loved the chocolate flavours mixed with apricot jam that made for a yummy chocolate cake with a slight twist; but the cake is a bit too dry and too sweet.
My favourite is the #strawberrycheesecake (#topfenoberstrote). Fresh strawberries lie in soft and tasty jelly atop soft & fluffy cream and a nice layer of crust that had hints of almond. While the cheese is a bit light (or absent), no complaints cause I loved the lightness and berry flavours of this cake thats very different from any other strawberry cheesecake I’ve tried
⚠️ Go early before 12.30 or after 3pm to avoid the crowd. Arriving at 12.30, I got a table on the second floor without waiting. When I was done around 1+, there was a queue along the staircase for a table. Alternatively, there is no wait for takeaway and the cakes get packaged nicely in a box
📍@demel_wien, Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Wien, Vienna