We should have this in indo, seriously..
Honestly I wasn't really a big fan of 'cendol' back in indo, considering what's inside are basically just carbs, sugar, and [they say] loads of cholesterol [flour, palm sugar, and coconut milk]. But while we're considering what to eat, the next-table-uncle ordering 2 of this. Hmm..Ok, let's try! 🙉🙈
Turns out it was a very good decision. That was awesooomee...like a totally new 'ais-chendol'-experience. You know how soft are snow-ice cream, right? Combined with thick palm sugar sauce and those toppings. 😍
if i really need to note something, it's just that they're not-so-generous about the toppings.
🍧 Chendol Snow Ice [浆罗 / Es Cendol]
💰 S$6.00
🏠 Mei Heong Yuen Dessert
📍 ION Orchard, B4-34 [opposite amasoy] / also available at Chinatown and Clementi area
🌐 www.meiheongyuendessert.com.sg