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[1/4] Four posts about doughnuts incoming! Before that, just wanted to say that I’m super stoked to be selected as a Burpple Tastemaker again. :’) I questioned my interest in writing about food many times in 2018, but I guess you go through peaks and troughs with your interests and that’s okay. 🙏🏽

So anyway, I made my way to Whampoa during my lunch break just to get doughnuts from here. They really make some of the best baked doughnuts I’ve had besides Kakuida.

These plump sugar-laced bombolinis are so soft, and are stuffed pretty generously (albeit not ala Shuu puffs) with filling corresponding to its flavour. It may not look like it from this picture, but truly, looks can be deceiving. Just one bite was enough to send me into a state of bliss, honestly. 😍🙏🏽