Isetan 1utama is always never ceased to amaze me as it always surprise me when it comes to their Eat Paradise! The Eat Paradise has amazing choices of eateries to choose from and it’s also a non-halal place! After much pondering around that fantastic and tantalizing floor of foodie haven, we spotted the sushi bar name Ichiro and it has been on every foodies radar for quite a long time.. The restaurant is really tiny yet inviting and comforting and you also can order the food via iPad.. They have 2 seating options which are at sushi bar area or just ordinary table.. There is a super long waiting list to get in so be patient as the wait is totally worth it for that amazing sushi! We opted for a sushi counter seating as it was lovely to witness the chef at work and creating delicious sushi and sashimi.. Their portion is generous for the price you’re paying especially the Unagi & Salmon don (RM37) which is really beautifully plated! The unagi is has this amazing balance between sweet and savory and it was really meaty alongside the aburi style salmon that is cooked nicely on the outside and perfectly tender and raw on the inside! The fats just melts in your mouth in every bite that is an amazing marriage in heaven with their fluffy sushi rice.. A must try for every Japanese food!