Ordered the Sliced Fish Soup ($5.80), Double Fish Soup ($6.80), extra egg floss ($1), Fried Tofu with Sesame ($4.80) and Calamansi with plum ($2)

Opted out of the milk in the soup to taste the original flavour, but sadly the broth fell a little short of my expectations. The fish flavour was not very strong but if you love garlic oil, you will love this. Many small pieces of garlic on the soup, which made the soup really fragrant. Fish slices were fresh and sweet, but quite little 🥺 think there were only 5-6 slices.

The fried tofu was really delicious, slightly crispy on the outside, and perfectly silky and tender inside. Was a tad bit oily though. With the sesame sauce (tasted exactly like Kewpie’s), it really complemented the flavour 😛

Calamansi with plum (not pictured) was a surprise. Even till the end when most of the ice had melted, the flavour was still very strong. The plum provided a nice, slightly salty aftertaste to the sour calamansi, worth a try!

Bill came out to be $20.40 for 2, which is pretty value-for-money considering a meal in town. We went down at around 3pm, but there was still a queue, which is a testament to the popularity of this place!