My friend and I initially came here for their croffles but to our dismay, they were sold out for the day :( In their defense, we came pretty late, close 5pm so maybe that's why! Their waffles were nice, crunchy outside and soft inside but nothing much to shout about. However, the waffles came with a serving of whipped cream and a sweet unidentifiable sauce which was delightful :D We got the Korean Strawberry Shortcake (keto friendly so + $2.5) and a Blue Pea Hokkaido Milk Creme Brulee gelato! To be honest the KR strawberry one was pretty weird... the texture was the strangest to us because it felt like yoghurt x icecream but diluted ??? the flavour was pretty weird too but it's keto so... BUT the blue pea one was GREAT!! it was so creamy and not too sweet, it was really pleasant and we liked it a lot :)

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