I am embarrassed to admit I had never seen the inside of “Bedrock Bar & Grill” till last Sunday night. And what a revelation it was to discover that hidden from the main thoroughfare is a spacious, cosily-lit, comfortable restaurant.
“Exceeding expectations” would be an apt description for our evening, as my party of four feasted on a menu planned by the General Manager.
It began with a bang when steaming hot, soft and puffy flatbread was brought out. Rolled and baked only when main course orders are placed, it tasted incredible slathered with butter and roasted cloves of garlic.
Our main course of Tomahawk Steak (400gms grain-fed) could have easily fed a village. Expertly grilled, the huge long-bone ribeye boasted different done-ness to appeal to our varying preferences. Accompanying the steak were four sides: the totally-deserving-of-its-fame Bedrock Mac & Cheese ($20++), a healthy Steamed Broccolini ($18++) plus two items from the restaurant's promotional menu: Steak Fries and Chilli Corn (this last one was too spicy for the others but I adored it). There was also a tray of five condiments of which I was most into the Whisky Mustard and Chimichurri while the Red Wine Sauce, Béarnaise and Asian-tasting Chilli Oil went down well with everyone else.
Besides the Tomahawk, we got to share a plate of Prawn “Thermidor” ($48++) and that surprised us with a show-stealing umami orzo pasta simmered in crustacean sauce.
The service here is professional and warm, similar to what you’d experience at a 5-star hotel. In case you think it’s because we were hosted, I saw the team treat the other customers exactly the same.
We all agreed this is a place we’ll be returning on our own soon.