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Situated along Circular Road, you'll find a modernised @bakbaksg Bak Kut Teh (BKT) restaurant offering innovative new dishes such as Sea Cucumber BKT and a special solo dining area - similar to Ichiran Ramen.

Hail from original Rong Cheng BKT who are known for using Dragon Bone, Bak Bak also retain this signature and you can find the Premium Dragon Rib Soup here. Fresh premium pork loin ribs and old garlic are used, elicits a more robust taste.

With an array of side dishes to choose from, do get their delicious Homemade Fried Prawn Rolls ($11). Finely minced meat and prawn filled with crunchy water chestnuts bits dip into sweet sauce, it's so addictive I had to order a second round!